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Our Qualities

Give us your product and we will create the right packaging, finding the best solution in the choice of the material, the type of workmanship and the faithful printing result, to offer an always competitive quality-price ratio. Thanks to continuous technological investments we are able to respond to diversified needs with a view to maximum flexibility.

We are convinced that if everyone has a green soul, he would have the awareness to dispose of the plastic he uses correctly, promoting reuse or recycling. We express our personal vocation to respect and protect the environment through the constant research of materials with a low environmental impact. The result is an offer that is as varied as possible including green pe, organic packaging, 100% recyclable packaging and oxodegradable packaging, the latter can be disposed of separately but if they are forgotten around, within a few months they would be assimilated by microorganisms present in the environment.

(oxodegradable logo and certification)

Our production site is constantly expanding to guarantee:

-The most efficient and complete production cycle that includes extrusion, printing, welding.

– Design realization of complex and non-standardized products, thanks to innovative technological processes. The personalization of the product is our flagship.

– Processing times with an excellent cost-speed-quality ratio.

Present at the world’s largest non-woven fabric exhibition in Geneva, the appointment with the major operators in the sector, sees us at the forefront with all our range of products and the most advanced news on production processes, printing and packaging.

Green Soul


Our production lines

  • Bags with head gussets without handles
  • Bags with jumbo handle
  • Bags with handle strap handle
  • Bags with traditional open top
  • Bags with buttons
  • Bags with cord

Our support films

  • Transparent
  • Mattato
  • White milk
  • Coloured
  • Biodegradable
  • Oxodregradabile

Type of printing

  • Flexo 10 colors

Look our Services

We specialize in supplies for the healthcare industry and, specifically, we manufacture manual and automatic bags for baby nappies, sanitary napkins, incontinent adult diapers and sleepers, hygienic wipes, cotton, toilet paper.