Production of polyethylene packaging

Continuous monitoring of the global packaging market gives us the edge when anticipating the latest trends and offering our customers truly innovative products. Collaboration with important multinationals in the sector and effective in-house controls ensure we achieve quality of the highest standard. We not only carefully examine your product but also that of your competitors so that we can recommend the best packaging solution that will guarantee your image, functionality and protection. Our plant is operated by highly expert technicians who are keenly able to optimize each manufacturing process resulting in production that is competitive, rapid and attractively cost effective. The winning combination of having both Sales Direction and Production on the same site, in a geographically strategic location, guarantees fast and extremely efficient order fulfilment.
Società Benefit

1st March 2023: a very important date! It marks the day when we legally turned into a Benefit Corporation, which integrates the goal of having a positive impact on the society and on the environment, in addition to its profit targets, in its corporate purposes.

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Our extensive experience is in the production of packaging for sanitary products and courier bags, shrink films, industrial bags, printed films and more. We handle a wide range of materials, from traditional polyethylene (LD-PE) and certified recycled polythene to bioplastics. We are able to design personalized solutions for any kind of requirement. Read more →

Family 4.0

The fourth generation of the Alzani family is on its way; following tradition and in the footsteps of shared choices and values that go beyond mere profit. Our family business is united by a strong sense of belonging, and also carries an entrepreneurial and managerial culture that favours meritocracy and the contribution of innovative visions. Family ties and interests unite in this management model that also extends to our interaction with the territory and the community to which ...

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Green Soul

We feel a responsibility towards Mother Earth and we trust in the people’s new awareness that we are no longer consumers and destroyers of Nature, but guardians and respectful of the resources that our planet offers. At Imbalplast, every possible choice always aims for sustainability, from energy saving to the recycling of products, from the disposal of waste to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the adoption for the last 30 years of a forest of diverse plants and bamboo


Imbalplast's commitment to its customers, to its employees and to the environment is a constant in our work. For this reason, we began an important certification process in 2001 that has allowed us to monitor and improve our management system over the years, maintaining superior standards while pursuing ever higher quality. Imbalplast currently holds the following
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Last update about " our green family business" .

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